How to Take Orchid Cactus Care?

Orchid Cactus is an extremely beautiful as well as delicate plant that can decorate both the home and garden of people. The plant stuns the imagination with innumerable colors and extravagant petal shapes. Orchid cactus care is not that difficult as these flowers typically survive on surface of supplementary plants and do not take away the nutrients from host plants. In fact, they garner the essential nutrients via environment. An orchid cactus is not determined to be an orchid in the first place indeed it is classified as a particular type of cactus or genus called as epiphyllum. These ravishing plants are in actuality subsist in Central America, Mexico and South America. They are conferred the name of orchid cactus owing to its exquisite bloom stemming from the plant’s leaves. Almost above 13,000 kinds of Orchid Cactus persists in the world.

Tips for Orchid Cactus Care:
Below mentioned are the most basic tips that can help to take proper care of Orchid Cactus:
  • The blooming period of an orchid cactus is between springtime and summer season. It can be kept outside or taken inside the home, as per the climatic conditions prevailing. In order to elevate blooming of orchid cactus, light is of utmost importance. It is a common notion of people indulging in orchid cactus care that the plant needs as much exposure from sun as possible. In fact, this is just a myth do not ever keep the orchid cactus under the direct exposure of sunlight. The sun light requires filtration with the help of curtains or blinds.
  • Fertilization and Watering are the other 2 vital issues in the orchid cactus care program. The orchid cactus does not prefer their roots to be wet and hence, it is advised to plant the cactus in such a way that the water is drained easily. Soil need not to be tightly packed, but in fact a mixture of inorganic, organic as well sand material needs to be used.
  • Watering of the orchid cactus is required when the topmost layer comprising of soil is completely dry. Excess to proper watering, also fertilize the plant on monthly basis in order to take proper orchid cactus care.
Additional Information:

To grow orchid cactus is not that difficult and complicated as it is perceived by people. An individual is suggested to place orchid cactus in approximately a 4 inch container. It needs to be sowed nearly 1½ inches within the soil. Soil needs to have 1/3rd perlite, 1/3rd little tree bark and 1/3rd potting soil. Avoid watering plant during its 1st week. Once started watering orchid cactus plant, make sure to not let plant completely dry. For orchid cactus care, make sure to provide appropriate ventilation to the plant. The plant will bloom almost after 1 to 3 years of good orchid cactus care is undertaken.